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Your very first Smart Site. Smart Sites are the ultimate Online Experience. Yes ! 

 All of the built-in apps on Cif2.net were designed from the ground up to take advantage of the Smart technologies used in designing this innovative product. And they work smooth.

 So you can do things with these apps that you can’t do on any other platform. Simply because other platforms do not offer Smart Sites.

 Building websites and using the Internet has never been more intuitive. 
movie free website

                      See how to build it in 5 minutes

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 content management  CMS

Cif2.net is the best way to update your smartsite or smartblog. With it's intuitive Content Management System, you can post new things in minutes. 

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 Cif 2 Themes

Forget templates ! Themes are the new trend for websites. Easily change the looks of your website with just 2 clicks. Yes, it's that simple.

 free design templates
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websites free Re-inventing
"Web site"

Websites have just become Smart and personal.

So why not make it your place, where you hang out, interact and follow cool people ?

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as blogging should be

The Cif2.net smartblogs understand that they have to be fast and smart, always there to ease your typing hands and make you wish to write more. 

Easy posting and managing articles. Social Media sharing. SEO optimized. Fun !

free blogs
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drag and drop free websites  Drag and Drop fun !

Oh, yes ! It's unbelievable how fun it can be, unless you try it.

Cif2.net makes it easy for you to organize the content in your website however you want, with the intuitive Drag and Drop feature ! 
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 Leave HTML and Tech skills behind
 And focus on the things you love.

Great things can be made by means of creativity in Cif2.net, so you don't have to worry about not being good with computers and such.

Focus on yourself, on your passions and the people you love. The web is an open place with Cif2.net and it's yours to own. 
no coding required
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free website recovery Never lose a thing. Ever.

Believe it or not, we made sure your computer stores everything you type into your website for 30 days !

That's a whole month for you to click the Recover button and have your data brought back to light.

Update your website with ease of mind. Yes, cif2.net makes it possible. 
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 Cif 2 Community

See more of your world through the community on Cif2.net.

Find new people and active users easily and see how they are using cif2.net to express themselves.

 free websites
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free websites  Cif2 Apps

Apps are the perfect companion on your quest for the Perfect website !

Intuitive, fun and useful, the Cif2 apps have been made for one purpose: Provide you with an awesome Online Experience and enhance the way you use the Internet and interact with people. 

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to share with friends

Cif2.net comes with a full range of subsidiaries, ranging from the First Twitter Directory that Chats and Plays Music, to web shows and a blog that helps you express yourself online.

With all the coolest things to follow and listen to, there are the blogs of your friends and colleagues. Easily see when they post something new and check it out, straight from your cif2.net account.

 free websites lifestyle
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free email


There's nothing like the POP3 mail on cif2.net

Take your e-mail to your iPad, your iPhone or Blackberry, see it in your Outlook or Thunderbird for easy access. You can even access it through your browser.

Get more space for it and have more custom adresses.

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Build your website better and faster with the cif2.net widgets.

Fresh out of the box, they help you display cool stuff from your website or blog to your visitors.

Each of them has it's own settings, so you can customize all you want.

widgets for free websites
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follow free websites  Follow on cif2.net

Finally an easy way to stay connected to what your friends post to their websites and blogs, as well as their picture galleries.

No need to subscribe to emails, RSS and other services, you will get all the info you need with just a click of a button.

Get your favorite info, while posting on your own blog.

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With tasks on cif2.net you always know what to do next with your website.

Depending on your level of experience, you can see what to work on, to make your website stand out and make a name for yourself. 

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create free website Easy posting

With just one press of a button you can add text to your pages, post to your blog or add widgets.

It's the easiest way to keep your own place on the internet updated at all times.

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You can always know how good you are and how fast you improve with the awesome Level and Experience system in Cif2.net

Levels are relevant to how good you are with Cif2.net and the Internet and they'll keep your enthusiasm pumping ! Check out what level your friends are and ask them how they got there.

  Levels in cif2.net
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free websites
   You can have it all for Free !

Yes, you actually can. Signing Up on cif2.net is free and so is the website you'll build. Complete Tasks, gain Rewards and earn Coins, so that your website will cost you 0$. 

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 Catch them all

We just love it when you do something great with your website, so we want to reward you for everything you do awesome in Cif2.net

Cif2 Rewards are very cool to have and display to your friends. They also give you coins and experience points, so you'd better collect them all !

website rewards
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free html 5 websites
 HTML 5 - yup, we have it !

Cif2.net works with HTML 5, which is really awesome for the connaiseurs of new school coding.

Remember that cif2.net also has nice things in store for advanced users and even for webdesigners. 
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Cif2.net hearts YouTube

And that's why we made it very easy for you to integrate videos from youtube into your cif2.net website or blog.

Make a simple copy&paste maneuver and your fav vid is up on your favorite spot on the www. 

It's that simple ! 
cif2.net and youtube
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upload files  Upload your Files

With Cif2.net, uploading files is the simplest process ever.

With just about 2 clicks, you can place files for download in your website.

Cif2.net also comes with a library that helps you organize and manage the files on your website.

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 Invite Friends

Cif2.net is more fun with friends ! Most of what we do for cif2.net is related to you, your friends and the way you interact online, because we want websites to become the ultimate social experience.

You can easily keep up with your friends from your own website and you can check them out, see their recent activity and soon you will be able to collaborate with them and get even more interactive. 

invite friends
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videos in website  Upload videos to your website

With Cif2.net it's easy to place videos in your website and have your visitors watch them.

The video player runs smooth and it's sure to display your videos just perfect for the audience.
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Switch to your own Domain

You can create your website on your own domain, or you can switch later on to a personal domain.

Cif2.net lets you customize all you want ! 
website domain
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Backup your website  Create backups for your website

So that you can never lose your work. Cif2.net wants to make sure your work is always safe and that you have piece of mind.

Backup constantly. Whenever you feel something's wrong, restore the backup and everything's great again. 
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